Haiku Poetry Contest Winners

Soft warm breeze, crickets,
Stars thrown on a cloud-streaked sky
Perfect summer night!

– Jane Wrynn

Clip Art of a Sun over the water
Warm ocean breezes
Sun shimmers off the water
Relax. Recharge. Bliss.

– Rita Schonwetter

The Fourth of July
Look up, there’s fun in the sky
Colors shoot through air

– Connor Hilton

Fireworks clipart
Beach with flip flops on the shore
Fun at Camp G’ma!
Beach, beach, the wonderful beach!
Sand under my toes!

– Zinnia Alexandria Alopex Perszyk

Time for vacation
Pack the car, hit the highway
Adventure awaits!!

– David J. Will

Car with suitcases on top and a family inside
Babes splash in the sea
Kids jump the blue green Gulf waves
I lie in warm sand

– Joy Bucci

Thank you to all who participated.
Our next contest will be an essay contest in the fall – details TBA.