Haiku Poetry Contest

Haiku Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of our Spring Haiku Poetry Contest!

Haiku Contest

Tara Fowler

Clouds part, lucid sky
Budding flowers, butterflies
Springtime, summer’s tease
Clip art of carnival swing ride

Emma Alcauskas

Lights, sounds fill the air
Slide, fall, spin, swing, jump, and glide
Spring break carnival

David J. Will

Time to spring forward
Oh no!! Watch sprung! Try to fix
Darn! Dropped tiny spring
Clock springing ahead clipart
Rose Clipart

Doreen Sloman

Beauty on display
A red rose frozen in ice
Awaiting spring’s thaw

Maryann Holder

Tiny pink blossoms
Gliding on warm spring breezes
Giggle as they fall
Pink Flowers with leaves clipart

An honorable mention is given to Ella Budynsky.

Her aunt, Dorothy Robinson, submitted the following
Haiku in her memory:

Pine Tree Clipart
The moon a circle
Crickets sing near the pine tree
Evening lullaby

Thank you to all who participated. Our next contest will be held in July.