Gulf Beaches Public Library offers a notary service on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays after 12 PM. Please call us at 727-391-2828 to schedule an appointment.

Notary services cost $5.00 per stamp. You must bring your own witness or witnesses if required for your document. 

Getting a Library Card

Who May Get a Library Card?

A resident of the unincorporated areas of Pinellas County or one of the member cities is entitled to a free library card.

What are the Basic Rules?

  • One Cooperative card is good at all Pinellas Public Library Cooperative libraries.
  • Each library may require registration upon the first visit-data records and computer systems vary from library to library.
  • Be prepared to show your present card and one additional form of identification with your Pinellas County address on your first visit.
  • Cards issued for children under 14 require parent/guardian signature.
  • Cards issued to residents are valid for three years.
  • Cards issued to non-residents are valid for one year.

How to Register

  • Visit any Cooperative Member Library
  • Provide the following identification with your name and current local address. A current valid Florida Driver’s License/Florida Identification Card -OR- – An alternate picture ID -AND- – Your current TRIM notice or tax bill – A current utility bill (including cable television) – A long-term lease on property in the Cooperative area – A deed to property in the Cooperative area – Vehicle registration or title-current year – Voter’s registration – Other appropriate identification
  • A unique identification number is needed for each library card. You may provide a social security number or a passport number for all family members applying for a card. Alternatively, a library may use a combination of the last three letters of the name and the birth date.
  • Complete and sign the application and begin borrowing materials.

Pinellas Public Library Cooperative Member Libraries: Your library card is valid at all of the Cooperative libraries. You may also register the card for reciprocal borrowing at Hernando, Citrus, and Pasco County public libraries as well.


We currently accept gently used fiction books. We are not taking nonfiction books, textbooks, dictionaries, CDs, or DVDs.

Please contact us at 727-391-2828 if you have any questions about donating to the library.

Computer/Mobile Device Help

Tech classes are offered each month on a variety of topics at the library’s conference room @ 1:00 pm.

All classes are free.

~~ Bring your questions about all your devices ~~

Computer Use Policies

Users must have a valid Pinellas Public Library Cooperative (PPLC) Library Card, or a ‘guest pass,’ either may be obtained at the Circulation Desk. Computer users must have enough knowledge of computers and software to work without staff assistance. Librarian support for computer problems is limited. Computers cannot be used longer than one and one-half (1.5) hours per day, with a 30-minute extension granted by a librarian, if necessary to complete a project. Please use any available computer terminal. Computers are shut down 15 minutes prior to close. Children under 9 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The Library reserves the right to interrupt your use of the computer because of disruptive or destructive behavior, weather conditions or complaints from other Library users (please see Code of Conduct). Your signature on the Library Card application, or your acceptance of a guest pass, indicates your knowledge and acceptance of these policies.

Unacceptable Behavior:

  • Altering, downloading or installing any program on any Library computer.
  • Selling or soliciting.
  • Any illegal activity
  • Failure to comply with the Library Code of Conduct

In accordance with Florida Statutes, Chapters 847.011(1)a and 847.0133(1), displaying obscene materials to minors or printing such materials may be a violation of the law and could result in penalties up to and including imprisonment. Those unwilling or unable to comply to these Policies will be asked to leave and if necessary, the police will be contacted.

Loan Periods

Item Limit
Due Dates
New Books
14 days
28 days
7 days
CD Books
28 days
CD Music
14 days
Sunshine States
14 days

You may check out a combined total of 50 items.

Code of Conduct

The Gulf Beaches is supported by the Gulf Beaches consortium and the citizens of Pinellas County who have a right to expect our facility to be clean, pleasant, and safe place for selecting materials, reading, researching, studying, writing, and attending library or community programs and meetings.

Behavior becomes unacceptable when it interferes with our mission, impinges on the rights of others, causes damage to buildings or equipment, or causes injury to oneself or others. Those willing to modify unacceptable behaviors are always welcome to stay. However, those unable to comply will be asked to leave. If necessary, the authorities will be called.

Examples of unacceptable Library behavior include, but are not limited to:

  • Abandonment/leaving young children unattended
  • Abuse/vandalism of library materials, equipment, or property
  • Bathing, shaving, washing clothes or other misuse of restrooms
  • Failure to wear a shirt and/or shoes
  • Failure to maintain personal hygiene such that it becomes a nuisance to other patrons
  • Bring animals into the Library (except service animals for the handicapped)
  • Disruptive use of radios, telephones, or other electronic devices
  • Distribution or posting of printed materials not approved by Library administration
  • Illegal activity of any sort
  • Loitering, including refusal to leave at closing, or sleeping
  • Loud talking or crying
  • Possessing, consuming, or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Selling or soliciting
  • Smoking or related tobacco use
  • Unruly/offensive behavior or language
  • Verbal/physical abuse or sexual harassment of Library users or staff will result in permanent exclusion

Inappropriate use of Library computers, such as:

  • Damaging or altering computer equipment or software
  • Downloading or installing any program on the hard drive of any computer
  • Sending, displaying, or printing obscene materials

Library staff appreciates your cooperation in making your Library a pleasant place to visit for all.

Interlibrary Loan Program

Gulf Beaches is happy to offer the Interlibrary Loan Service. The way it works: if the book is not available in one of the Pinellas County libraries that belong to the PPLC, Gulf Beaches will do its best to get the book outside of Pinellas County.

There are a few rules to consider:

  • Any library fines on your library account must be below $10.00
  • Contact information: address and phone must be up to date.
  • The book must be returned to Gulf Beaches Library
    Any expenses due to the book being damaged or lost will be charged to your account
  • Requests for Interlibrary Loans will be limited to just books. We don’t request audiovisual or textbooks. Also, the book must be at least a year old.

Please note: We will make every effort to retrieve the book; however, we cannot guarantee its availability.

Interlibrary Book Loan Request

Please note: We will make every effort to retrieve this book; however, we cannot guarantee the availability of this item.

Wireless Internet Access

The Gulf Beaches Public Library provides free Internet access points or “hot spots” for users with portable computers capable of receiving wireless signals. Users can “surf” the Internet from their laptop computers when sitting within range of the access points.

Printers are not available via the wireless connection.
Users are responsible for making sure their computer has the correct settings and necessary hardware.

Library staff cannot assist users in configuring their equipment or troubleshooting problems.

Users should refer to their owner’s manuals or other support services offered by their computer manufacturer. The library cannot guarantee that a user’s hardware will work with the library’s wireless connection.
As with most public wireless “hot spots,” the library’s wireless connection is not secure. There can be non-trustworthy third parties between the user and anybody with whom the user communicates. Any information being sent or received could potentially be intercepted by another wireless user. Cautious and informed wireless users should not transmit their credit card information, passwords or any other sensitive personal information while using any wireless “hot spot.”

The library will not be responsible for any personal information (e.g. credit card) that is compromised, or for any damage caused to your hardware or software due to electrical surges, security issues or consequences caused by viruses or hacking. All wireless access users should have up-to-date virus protection on their personal laptop computers or wireless devices.

Laptops and other devices should never be left unattended in the Library, even for brief periods of time. The Library assumes no responsibility for damage, theft, or loss of any kind to a user’s equipment, software, data files or other personal property brought into or used at the Library’s facilities.

By choosing to use this free wireless service you agree to abide by Gulf Beaches Public Library’s Internet Use Policy. All users are expected to use the library’s wireless access in a legal and responsible manner, consistent with the educational and informational purposes for which it is provided. Users should not violate federal, Florida, or local laws, including the transmission or receiving of child pornography or harmful material, fraud, or downloading copyright material.

Copy, Scan & Fax

The Library has a photocopy machine for public use – Black and white copies are 25 cents per page for 8 1/2 X 11 or 8 1/2 X 14. Color copies are 75 cents per page for 8 1/2 X 11 or 8 1/2 X 14. Our machine will accept coins, $1, or $5 bills only. 

A free scanning service is available for public use. Files may be scanned to a personal USB drive, thumb drive, or to an email address. 

The Library also offers a fax service for the public for free. This machine will not receive faxes.

Gulf Beaches Public Computers, Printer and Scanner