Donna Parrey

If you had met my Jade, you would agree
that something in her eyes could captivate.
No other turns a head as well as she.
The center of attention seems her fate.

Jade lives to garner glances from the crowd,
but truer love a soul has never known.
Admirers only serve to show me how
I’m fortunate to see she’s mine alone.

Jade strolls among the guests without a sound,
pretending that the crowd she doesn’t see.
She knows their eyes will follow her around,
yet still she only keeps her eyes on me.

I pray you know devotion such as that…
the trust, the love of Jade, my green-eyed cat.

Margo Christie

In a time long ago, men would roam
The countryside, in search of a living wage
A small green apple, a warm hen’s egg
To stuff their pockets for the day’s long walk
Or the ride on a boxcar train
When this pittance ran low, they’d find work on a farm
The same one, perhaps, that they’d just stolen from
Theirs was a life of belonging to no one

Decades hence, I see something of the same
A woman reaches for fruit from a scrawny tree
An apple too small, too green to eat
But, “Mira,” she says to her friend, with a smile
As she takes a big bite anyway
And they go on their way, to El Centro, to their jobs
For less than adequate pay

Jamie and Lyla

Sometimes I find expressing my feelings hard,
So I show my feelings in colors.
When I feel green, that’s when I feel energetic.
Green also reminds me how confident and determined I am to win a softball game.
On the other hand, I feel gray when we lose a softball game.
Gray makes me feel upset and mad, it feels like rain clouds are forming over my head.
Orange isn’t one of my favorite feelings either, I feel orange when I’m overwhelmed Like when my team is counting on me to win.
But at other times, I feel purple, which is when I feel passionate.
I feel passionate when I play softball because softball is my passion.
When my softball game ends, I feel pink, pink makes me feel calm.
Pink makes me want to lay back on the cough and watch TV.
Now I feel navy blue, that color makes me feel tired.
I feel navy blue when I want to go to bed.
Goodnight, and sweet dreams!

Ginger Herring

Dad’s backyard shakes winter snow
from green plants above to black roots below.
Crotons peek from ground so bare
to gather life from warm spring air.

Nesting sparrows sing grateful song.
Woodchuck wakes from sleep so long.
Squirrels scamper from limb to limb
all to say “Hello” to Jim.

My dad, Jim, is gone today.
His time has come and now he’ll stay
above us all to protect and guard
as we now tend to his green yard.

Though Dad is gone, his backyard stands
tall and proud, with stretching hands
toward Heaven as in thanksgiving
for their life that keeps on living.

Tara Fowler

Where sea green meets the turquoise skies
The ocean floor shouts perilous cries
As waves crash against the luminous sand
There’s vastness as its strength commands

The depths hide secrets from long ago
So we search for answers, yet not wanting to know
We rest in the safety of the shallow waters
Where solitude lives, but wisdom falters.

Do we allow the ocean to rock us to sleep,
Whispering lullabies from the secrets it keeps?
Over deep raging waters, the moonlight bellows
Casting shadows where the truth prevails.